Are you planning to visit the Alabama Gulf Coast? This coast is very well known for its

  • White sand beaches
  • Clear blue water
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Plenty of golf courses
  • Bright sunshine
  • Natural beauty
  • Culture
  • History
  • Lots of fun activities.

However, in addition to all the above, there are many other attractions too. There must be obviously some reason why Jimmy Buffett was also attracted to this coast and preferred to call it his home.

Before you plan your trip to Alabama Gulf Coast, make sure that you have booked your accommodation in any vacation rental by owner online. There are plenty of them available in this coastal city.

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The following are a few interesting facts that make Alabama Gulf Coast a unique place.

1. Fantastic weather year-round

Alabama Gulf Coast is famous for its beautiful weather, which you can enjoy throughout the year! Florida is also known as the “Sunshine State,” where you will always get sunshine and humidity levels will also be there.

That is the reason, during the winter months, you can find a lot of tourists flocking around this Gulf Coast to beat the chilling cold season. However, tourists keep visiting this place during every season.

Due to the beautiful weather, you can see plenty of birds that are also available on this coast.

2. The Alabama deep sea fishing rodeo

Have you ever heard of a fishing rodeo before? Here in Alabama, since 1929, the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo is quite famous. This fishing rodeo is attended by more than 75,000 spectators each year. As per the data available with us, 3000+ anglers try to compete to win the pool prizes worth $400,000.

If you are interested in watching this Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, then make sure that you visit this Gulf coast during the month of July.

3. Home to diverse wildlife

We have already mentioned birds before. Besides that, you can also find sea turtles and beach mice in Alabama. If you are a wildlife enthusiast or love bird watching, then you must visit this coastal town in Florida.

4. Pristine white sands

If you are interested in exploring the Alabama Gulf Coast, then there are 32 miles of beaches available for you to explore. Sands present on the beach are made of quartz. Locals say that quartz came from the Appalachian Mountains almost thousands of years back.

The beautiful white beaches that you can see now are because of the presence of that quartz, which has been filtered over the years.

5. Delicious dining and drinks

Amazing seafood from the coast is something you won’t have any trouble finding. There are many different types of restaurants in Gulf Shores that provide anything from succulent BBQ to fresh seafood and Southern favorites.

There is a restaurant to suit every taste, such as the sophisticated Perch at The Lodge or the relaxed family vibe of Woodside at Gulf State Park, which features yard games and some of the best local beers around.

There is not a drought here, speaking of liquids! You can enjoy sophisticated cocktails and distinctive steakhouse cuisine at the relatively new Jesse’s on the Bay, or you can grab a skillfully made cocktail from any Food-craft at Gulf State Park and cool off on the beach!

With the majority of eateries obtaining their goods from nearby suppliers, you can’t go wrong with the snacks and drinks that Gulf Shores has to offer.

6. Great for families and kids

Gulf Shores offers family-friendly beach fun and is not only for newlyweds or retirees! In addition to the many Gulf adventures available, Gulf Shores is a popular destination for watersports like:

  • Kayaking
  • Jet skiing
  • Parasailing

If you are travelling with your kids, then it is very likely that they will be interested in watching Dolphin on this sea coast. Dolphins are considered to be one of the most intelligent creatures that you can find in the Gulf area.

If your kids are more courageous, they may like to feed a few of the world’s largest alligators, which are available here. This gulf offers a lot of entertainment for people of all ages.

7. Fort Morgan

During the American Civil War and World War II, Fort Morgan was a sizable military stronghold. Fort Morgan offers guided tours, a museum showcasing items from multiple battles, and reenactments on occasion. Visit gain additional insight into Alabama’s military past, travel visit Dauphin Island across the Bay.

8. Freshly caught seafood

When you are visiting any coastal sea area, particularly in Alabama’s Gulf Coast, it is quite natural that you will get the opportunity to taste delicious fresh seafood.

There is an Annual National Shrimp Festival held over here where you can get an opportunity to see a few exclusive varieties of shrimp.

9. Golfer’s paradise

If you love to play golf, then you will get plenty of opportunities to indulge in this sport as there are many golf courses available. You will have a memorable experience of participating in this game while vacationing on this Gulf Coast.

10. Year-round events and festivals

No matter whichever season of the year you visit this Gulf Coast, you will find a few exciting things to enjoy. Besides the Shrimp festival that we mentioned above, you will find many music festivals, parade ceremonies, the Oyster Cook-off, and many other such events.

Final word

People prefer to visit Alabama’s Gulf Coast to see white sand beaches, beautiful weather, clear blue water of the sea and nice weather. Besides that, if you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can see a few different animals.

You can enjoy seafood, and your family can remain busy in many different entertaining activities. You must not forget to book for Gulf Shores vacation rentals where you can have comfortable stay with your family.