When you are looking to purchase a yacht, it is not something that you will want to rush into, and you need to take your time to find the perfect vessel for you. There are various places in Southeast Asia where you can buy a luxurious yacht, and you may need to travel around the continent to find the vessel of your dreams. Below are some of the best places in Southeast Asia to go shopping for a beautiful yacht that has all the features you desire and will allow you to travel the seas in style.


When looking for a yacht in Southeast Asia, you will need to go where there are harbours to find the perfect vessel for you. Singapore is an island, so there are various ports dotted around, and you can find an excellent yacht for sale in Singapore if you look hard enough. You will discover multiple yacht brokers on the island, and you may want to speak to all of them to see what they have available on their books. However, if you cannot find the ideal one in Singapore, there are other places you can try looking.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is another island off the coast of Malaysia, and as such you will also find plenty of beautiful yachts moored there. There are several brokerages you can talk to on the island, and you can also enjoy a couple of days in relative luxury while shopping for your new toy. You can find the brokers on Google and speak to them before arriving, so you can arrange an appointment to see what they have available. However, if you have no luck on the beautiful island of Langkawi, there are other places you can try.

Phuket, Thailand

You will also find plenty of options for yachts for sale when you visit the wonderful island of Phuket in Thailand. Phuket has several marinas you can visit to look at the various vessels available, and there are a few brokers you can talk to and discuss buying a yacht in Thailand. You can arrange a visit to see the vessels and enjoy a few days in the tropical sun and relax or party while in Phuket.

You will need to consider when purchasing a yacht in the country you are not living in is the taxes. Speak to the yacht brokers about this and ensure that you pay all taxes owed. Otherwise, this may result in a sizeable bill and potential confiscation of your new vessel.